Politics is everywhere in the country, from selecting the captain of the Indian cricket team to the price of ParleG biscuit. It is not a surprise that politicians are the real influencers of the Indian Education System. We have gone through reservation and quotas, none of which has done any good to the common man in the long run, except for the politicians who use it as their ‘electoral’ propaganda

It is also interesting to note that there is no uniform syllabus or mode of study in the country. The Indian education system is not an independent organisation and is thus, readily exploited by the electorates.  They have control over the funding of the schools and colleges, their unions, teachers and workers employed and obviously, the students.

To clarify the former point, let us bring the factor of reservation into context- Reservation was done to ‘save’ the interests of the poor minorities or the deprived class. Suddenly but not surprisingly there are protests all over the country demanding for more and more reservations.  The scheduled castes and tribes get a good 49% cut off in IIT’s across the country and all other government institutions give similar cut-offs. This may seem a good idea to some, but it really does not benefit the people. Job selectors are smart, they have a fair idea if you have reached the ‘dream’ college through your merit or social status.

But, then the politicians are there again to save the day and using quotas give the undeserved places of honour in the government.

Now, let us take a step back and look at the students who are in majority, who actually have to face the brunt of this mess- The majority, of common people.

They have to work like anything only to struggle for jobs. Since CBSE and state boards are credited the same, the competition only increases. The standards in government school are so low that parents think twice before sending their child. The condition is only worse for the girl child. Mid-day meals and free laptops and phones, Oh, the things politicians do to gather support.

The political interference is only ruining the education standards in India. We are at a very unfortunate era of Indian politics. The only viable suggestion to be considered right now is to make the education system of India independent and free from the selfish parasitical politicians who dupe us of our rights.

-Vedika Kakar


The conqueror

Reading this title, you might be feeling it’s a reference to some amazing political personality who has taken up the newspaper columns and is popularly hated or loved. Or probably it is something related to psychology and I’m over here identifying the types of people who are the “go-getters”

Well no, this article is about how you reached this blog, this page and I can bet an arm that the served you used was a google extension. Also, mind you I am pretty serious cause my arm is special to me and just by the way I won the bet right?

So how did this idea bump into my mind? Internet explorer. Did you know it got updated and looks pretty different but baby, Google is love. Most of us have our emails over here, it has the best maps, amazing place to store photos and the beautiful playstore.

When did google exactly take over our lives? When it started to love us, obviously! Less advertisements, no lagging, better search results. Google loved us and we loved it. Tough to find such mutual customer-product relationships in the electronic industry. We have come so far and now I ask you if we should let go?

It’s been years come on! We can’t let a single company have access to our entire lives. That’s how a dictator comes to place. Well, if you ever read about Julius Caesar (not the Shakespeare play- that is not real) he too had to end his life for the independence of Rome. We seriously don’t learn anything from history and then criticise the subject.

What went wrong with yahoo though? It just became too uncool, no wonder dad still uses it. This is the era of net neutrality and start-ups and we, consumers don’t even want to give the competition a second glance?

Who said Google has all your information wrapped up in a pretty pink cloth and put up in a basket which is enclosed in a big lock? Google? I know that feeling honey. It hurts.

Google may seem a sweet thing which is incomparable but no. The world is innovating so fast how could you be still stuck to Google. Did you hear about DuckDuckGo which doesn’t retain your information? Or when was the last time you used Bing or Quora?

To be honest change is beautiful and Google is being that boss in the office who should’ve retired long ago.